2 budak hitam! Haha.
We did everything together ;)



It's amazing how love works. I kept falling in love with him that there's too much to take that I fell in love with his flaws too.. I never thought I could love this much.. I am crazily in love.



Where will you be tomorrow?

Semua orang sekarang tengah kecoh tentang esok. Memanglah mengarut je benda ni.. Hari kiamat tu adalah rahsia Allah.

Tapi kan...........

Esok Jumaat!!

Haaaaaaaaaa!!! Jeng jeng jenggg..! Aiyok..!

Soalan paling famous time ni.. esok apa plan?? My plan for tomorrow ek? Hmmm.. pergi klinik!! Dah berapa hari tahan sakit dah ni.. Minggu depan nak gi Singapore lagi.. Kena sembuh cepat cepat! :)

Okay gotta admit maybe tomorrow I will be paranoid. The world is definitely not going to end tomorrow but siapa tahu apa akan terjadi esok? Earthquake je dah berapa kali jadi lately ni. Bumi dah terlampau tua. Subhanallah.. Minta disimpangkan jauh-jauh. Just gonna spend tomorrow at home with mom and D.

Selamat malam :)


9 years wehh!!

Reckoning Song (One Day)

Love love love this song!


"Happiness is a direction, not a destination"

2012 has been really really bad. I've lost people I love dearly.. My auntie whom I loved like my own mother passed away.. Recently just got betrayed.. And also let's not forget the pain of losing someone I've been together for quite awhile. But 2012 also bring joy to me where I got to meet new friends, new people.. I met D back after 9 years. I'll get to that part later.

I'm not saying 2012 sucks in total. 2012 taught me a lot of things. There are painful memories.. There are also wonderful memories. But I trust God's plan. I believe in God. Dia tak pernah salah. It is all depends on how we take it and how we view it.

It may hurts, it may kills us inside, it may changes everything, it may makes us crazy, it may makes us give up living, it may makes us give up hoping and believing. But God knows best. He never make mistakes. And He will always do and give what is best for us and get rid of those yang menyemak je dalam hidup kita. I leave everything to Allah.

Especially when I met D back

I can't wait to get to that part. I knew D since form 1. Well, we didn't have any histories. We were just normal friends. Just classmates and nothing more. When I switched class in form 3 and moved to a new school in form 4, we just stopped talking. But we met in 2008..

We just hung out for one day and that's it. I never heard about him at all ever since. Until 31st October.. When I suddenly saw him on my news feed on facebook when I don't remember having him in my friend list at all. The only thing that I though was, "Oh. Lama tak jumpa dia ni." And then.. That's all. Meh. 

And the next day, it was my 1st day at work. I was damn bloody nervous wehhh! Was assigned to this seat and.. oh well. The computer was locked. Changed seat next to this one guy and girl. The guy was wearing white and I couldn't see his face. And the girl is Sabah girl. I was still clueless and waiting for them to teach me how to do the bloody damn job. All they asked me to do was do the typing test. Meh -.-" 

Did almost 3 10 minutes typing test. Was proud of my result. That's when it occurred to be that the guy sitting next to me looks familiar. Of course I didn't dare to turn my head and look at him lah kan? But I was sure I know that dude! Take a glimpse at his computer and I saw his name. But it took me 5-10 minutes to talk to him! Entah apa-apa laaa.. So I went..

"A! Kau tak ingat aku lagi ke?"

He turned to me looking shocked. Took him few seconds to respond. His face was.. epic! Haha. Macam nampak hantu la pulak dia ni.

That's how we met again after years.. I never thought he would mean so much to me today.. Who would have thought.. the guy I've been looking for was right in front of me for almost 9 years and I didn't see him? I went through so many pain just to find him.. And he was right there all along. But God knows best. Semua ada sebab kenapa kitorang tak bersama walaupun banyak gila peluang untuk kitorang bersama 9 tahun lepas.

If we were together back in secondary school, we would not appreciate each other like we do today. We would not love and care for each other as much as today. And we are fated to meet back on 1st November 2012. With a reason. There's a always a reason, kan? Took us long enough to fall in love too. Unexpected sangat. 

Unexpected but it is sure hell at a perfect timing. 

When I thought my heart died.. When I thought I could not love anymore. When I thought I would never find someone who could love me and understand me.. Someone who would accept me for me.Well I was wrong. :) He revived me. He saved me from falling deeper into the hole of misery. 


I'm officially his. 

It's not yet 2013 and my new life already began. Hoping that I would never have to walk alone through this journey of my life anymore. 

Comel, kan??