Twenty Two!

Lagu tema tahun ni! :3
Yesterday... BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I'll update about it soon!


"Smile for what you have, rather than cry for what you don't."

I am blessed. I am grateful for it. Syukur Alhamdulillah...


Happy 22nd birthday to myself!
I am now 22 years and 2 hours old. Damn. I still can't believe that I am already 22! Whyyyyyy?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?? I don't wanna grow up! :( Nevermind.. age is just a number. I am forever young at heart! FOREVER! (Especially coz I just got Pokemon black 2 teehee) My selfish boyfriend took my phone, logged out my facebook coz he wants to be the first one to wish me. -____-" Aiyoo why so cute LOL! And he only let me switch on my phone at 12.30am! Tsk. It has been only an hour but it's already is the best birthday ever.. ;) Mom made me 2 scrapbooks! TWO! And also a birthday card and Rm22. Haha. Cute.

2 scrapbooks!!

Right: 4th birthday party
Left: 19 years old


Family ;)

The card actually wrote





My mom is so sweet.. Isn't she?

She always made me handmade cards since I was little. And I always loved it. But it's been few years since she stopped making me one. And now.... Ze spams of the handmade cards = 2 scrapbooks. To make up for all the years she missed. And I am the happiest girl alive today!!! :3 Oh I love my mom most!!
I set my birthday private on facebook because I don't want random people spams me with birthday wishes when I don't even know them.. I don't want people to wish me because facebook reminded them that it's my birthday. My mom always told me, that if someone really care about us, they'll remember our birthday. So, this way I can see who actually remembers my birthday. And I am actually really touched to know who my real friends are ;)
She wishes me EVERYWHERE!
Private whatsapp, group whatsapp, twitter, facebook, instagram, wall. You name it.
Best friends for 10 years and still counting!

She wished me by sms, twitter & facebook. Haha. Never missed my birthday :)
Of course she wouldn't. Because she threw flour back in 2010. Grr!

My twin <3


mirul 1
My nephew. His birthday was yesterday!

mirul 2
More from him.

And his sister, my niece. Natasya Jr!
And thanks to all who wished me tonight :)


kak ay
My sis :D

And of course, from my annoying boyfriend.
When he was right in front of me!




That's all for tonight :D Imma go hit the sack. Long day tomorrow. Gonna bring Fluffy to the vet tomorrow, do some shopping for that fluffy ball, and dinner with him tomorrow. I have no idea where he's gonna bring me tomorrow. But he acts very weird. We'll see! Good night.


Last Day of Being 21

In 2 hours form now, I'm turning 22. Gosh I feel so old!! Can't believe how time flies so fast now. Feels like only yesterday I turned 20 coz I made such a big deal out of it bahaha. It was hard enough for me to accept the fact that I am no longer a **-teen and now I am already 22.

22 years ago, a baby was borned at 7:30pm at Kampung Makmur, Tangkak, Johor. It was the 10th of Ramadhan (my second birthday yo!), a fine Tuesday it was. My parents were on their way back to JB from Malacca but ohwells, being an aries baby, I'm impatient. I couldn't wait till they got to JB to get out of my mom's womb.

Not knowing what awaits in her life, not knowing she would lose her dad at the age of 17, not knowing she was being borned into a cruel world, not knowing how terrible life is going to treat her, not knowing she has a perfect mom who would sacrifice everything for her, not knowing of all the broken hearts she's gonna get, not knowing she would meet a guy that's worth all those broken hearts, not knowing that she's going to blog about it now.

I admit that I almost give up in everything I do. I keep failing in all aspects. I failed to be a good daughter.. I failed to be a good friend.. I failed to be a good girlfriend... And the worst part is, I failed to be good to myself. And it affects me. It changed me. To be even worse.

I kept ranting on how the imperfection of my life, of myself. I couldn't handle imperfection very well, even of a very tiny thing. For instance, I want a matching bag for my shirt, and suitable for the place I am going. But I don't have one and I ended up acting so crabby, I can even cry just because of that to avoid the beast in me to crawl out  and make it bigger, thus, make things worse. Yes, I can cry over that small thing. Stupid thing. That's how childish I am. I hate that part about me most.

I kept telling myself, I can create perfection. Everything MUST be perfect. But, I didn't realize I hurt people around me. People who cares...

But now I realize how perfect my life is..

I don't have a dad, but I have my mom who would sacrifice her life for me.

I may have a small circle of friends, but I can be very confident and proudly say I only have real friends around me. No fake friends.

I may have been hurt so many times in my life, but I found a guy who is worth of all the pain.

I have people who really loves me and care for me for who I am. I am grateful for what I have today.

I am gonna reborn tomorrow, and be a better person.


Note To Self #2

Sentiasa berusaha mencipta hari yang lebih bahagia. Sehingga akhir usia. 
- Aqif Azizan

Note To Self #1

"Mental toughness can take you to the top, and mental weakness straight to the bottom."


Think Before You Post

Found this on wordpress.
"Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head."
Agreed. Especially kepada hardcore facebookers yang tak pernah fikir sebelum dorang click butang "post". Bulan ni je dah berapa ramai kena tangkap dan bicara sebab facebook. I prefer writing than talking. Sebab apa yang kita cakap, tak boleh nak revise balik dan perbetulkan. Apa yang kita dah terlepas cakap, tak boleh nak tarik balik.
"Terlajak perahu boleh diundur. Terlajak kata buruk padahnya."
Bila kita menaip di laman sosial, kita sebenarnya diberi masa dan pilihan sebanyak mana yang kita perlukan supaya kita dapat berfikir sama ada ayat-ayat atau pendapat yang bakal kita pos tu akan melukakan mana-mana pihak atau menimbulkan kontroversi atau provokasi. And remember,

Whatever you post on the internet, stays on the internet forever.

Deletelah kat blog, facebook, youtube, twitter, photobucket, instagram... Once you posted something on the internet, stays online forever. So, kena berhati-hati dan bijak tentang apa kita nak pos!

It's actually reminder to myself too. Tapi sebab terlalu berjaga-jagalah... blog terabai! Haihhh.. Susah juga kalau nak berjaga-jaga sangat..  Susah bila nak cuba jaga hati semua pihak. Orang cakap biar kita jadi diri sendiri. Tapi, semua tu kena fikir dulu ye tak?? Jadi diri sendiri pon kena beragak juga, and nak terlampau jaga pon ada batasnya.

Senang cerita, guna otak yang dah dianugerahkan oleh Allah :) Ada benda yang kita boleh luahkan dan berkongsi di laman sosial, dan ada benda yang kita patut simpan sendiri offline. Note to myself ;)


Direhatkan Tapi Tak Rehat Pongggg

Memandangkan sekarang ni tengah direhatkan lagi (ikr -_________-") so, banyaklah masa kat rumah. Today's mission was, KEMAS RUMAH! Semalam dah la tidur lambat nak menyiapkan projek tu, hari ni bangun awal.. Seharian kemas rumah and masak Paprik lagi hari ni! Semalam ada orang tu tak cukuppppp~ hahaha. Kitorang namakan paprik tu, SUP PAPRIK! Sebab kuah banyak dah macam tomyam. Tapi rasa tetap sama ekkkk.. Sedap  :P

Mula-mula kemas cage and mandikan si busuk kat atas ni. Luckily Mr Boyfriend sudi nak tolong basuhkan cage .. and me? Mandikan Plapito!

Next, kemas satu rumah. Rasa nak tercabut dah pinggang. Maklumlah dah lama tak kemas rumah.. And Afiq tolong fix washing machine yang dah beli 5 tahun tapi tak pernah guna tu.

And as you can see in the picture.. It's working!! :3 After azab 5 tahun basuh tangan cara manual wehhh! Urgh.. Terus rasa maca  nak basuh semua benda yang boleh dibasuh dalam rumah ni. Jangan sampai meletup pulak washing machine tu sebab basuh tak berhenti nanti.

Now I am thinking macam nak import all my blog posts from my blogger. Tapi tengah "beta run" lagi kat wordpress ni. Tengah fikir lagi nak tukar ke tak nak terus ke wordpress ni ek? So far 98% rasa nak tukar. We'll see! Tak nak buat keputusan terburu-buru (pffft).

Okay, lepas seharian penat mengemas, memasak, mengrepair..... Inilah jadinya.

webcam-toy-photo10 webcam-toy-photo12 webcam-toy-photo21 webcam-toy-photo24 webcam-toy-photo13 webcam-toy-photo16 webcam-toy-photo23 webcam-toy-photo25 webcam-toy-photo26


Day 11

The worst advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

Probably gonna be the worst advice you hear too now. By my maternal grandma. It was in malay of course but I'm just gonna translate it in english for MomoTan. If you ever read =x .

"We as women, we should wear batik sarong. You are a malay women. You look like chinese or indian if you don't wear them (racist alert -__-). People can't tell that you are malay. And it's easier if you wear batik. It's gonna be easier to pee coz you don't have to take off your pants."


Day 10

What you think when you hear the words “be yourself”

Of course everyone should be their selves. We were born to be special in our own way. Everyone unique. Even the society can't accept us, mock us and isolate us for who we are, well, to hell with them. They are being themselves too, no?  Why shouldn't you?

What am I talking about? I am eating my own bullshits. I can't be my self. I always find myself trying so hard to please others by being someone else. Ya know..? Always finding myself struggling to blend in to the group that sometimes I couldn't cope up with and ended up being depress for it because I couldn't please and impress them. FML.

Day 9

Things that make you happy

Almost anything can make me happy. But there's nothing that could beat seeing the person I love happy. :)


I am missing him at this hour. We met every day for almost 3 months now. Actually almost 4 months but we missed a day when I went to SG last time. I will never get enough of him.



Life has been hectic! So busy with work, building up new business, study, writing cover letters, resume and improving my english. I am still having trouble with speaking english in casual conversation. WHY??! I'll make it up to the challenge,  I promise!