Honestly, I don't believe that love lasts forever. Some says love only lasts 3 years. I know, someday somehow we will fall out of love. Love fades away. Now, before you judge me, I am not speaking about love for Allah s.w.t, Rasulullah s.a.w or our family. But our life companion. Someone we share our life with.

How many divorces are being filed everyday? How long were they together before the loves fades and start hating each other?

They were once too, promise a love for eternity towards one another. They were madly in love. They were once too, thought that their love lasts forever.

So no. I don't believe in eternal love.

But I do believe that true friends are for forever.

With respect, mutual interests, loyalty, honesty, sharing, acceptance, forgiveness and many more, I believe we have our truest friend by our side for life.

Be honest, who do you prefer to see every day & night? Your friends, or your lover? How long does your relationships normally lasts? Most will choose friends. And the people who chose to spend most of their time with their partner is either in a new relationship, or they are dating/married to their best friend.

But all that are just my opinion based on what I see and know from people around me, and from my past relationships.

I am still madly in love with my fiance. Who knows how long will I stay crazily in love? Who knows when will our love fades away? Today is our 2nd engagement anniversary. And very soon, I will be his lady insyaAllah.

We don't only love each other. We respect each other, we talk about everything, we share everything. Don't tell me any secrets that you don't want him to know :P . He is my best friend. My only true friend. He brings out the best in me, and I did the same. 

"Respect, mutual interests, loyalty, honesty, sharing, acceptance, forgiveness and many more. "

That's what keeps a relation going. 

But maybe, he will prove me that love does lasts forever. Maybe he will change my opinion about love.. InsyaAllah.

Happy 2nd engagement anniversary. May Allah ease everything that we had planned.